Bill Fath

I'd like to thank John Smolnik with Clear Point Construction Inc. for being persistent and informing me of the damage that had been sustained to​ my roof from a recent wind storm.  At first I was skeptical because I knew the roof was older, and was leery ​if our homeowner’s insurance would even cover it.  After listening to John explain that b​y having paid my insurance premiums over the years, insurance has accepted liability, and with the roof still being within the manufacturer’s 30 year warranty life span
insurance is responsible or any storm related damage.​  John then performed an inspection.  He showed me the results of his video inspection and was able to show me the storm damaged shingles. At that point, John assisted me with placing the claim, meeting with our insurance adjuster from Nationwide, and was able to help get it approved.  He then helped with the color selection process and scheduled the crew. It took them all of two days to install it and it looks wonderful! The crew was polite, clean & expeditious. I'm now in the process of getting my business' roof replaced, also paid by insurance once again with John's assistance. We couldn't be happier. John has helped us saves THOUSANDS by informing us of damage insurance should and did cover. 

I have been in the residential and commercial restoration business for the last 4-1/2 years, and have brought my experience, knowledge, and professionalism to Clear Point Construction Inc., as of June 2016.  I have assisted hundreds of homeowners in restoring their homes that were previously unaware they could even qualify through their homeowners insurance. With references and testimonials from hundreds of homeowners and property managers I’ve helped that were completely satisfied with me, the way I carried myself, and the quality of our company's work, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands with me.  Real life interaction has been my best form of education which I believe cannot be taught in school.  I have over fifteen years of customer service experience that has groomed and continues to groom me for this role.  I enjoy working with homeowners and helping them.  When I hear a homeowner say, "I never thought it would get approved" and when I able to assist with getting them approved it brings me a great amount satisfaction knowing I've benefited the homeowner and helped reinvest value into their property.  If I could hang that statement, on a wall, as a form of a certificate, I would.  My daily duties consist of calling on leads, inspecting homeowners real property for storm damage, performing minor repairs, assisting homeowners with color selections, coordinating multiple trades and over seeing the production of my projects just to name a few. The part of this job that brings me the most amount of satisfaction is the skeptical and or pragmatic homeowner that I’m able to get approved and totally dissolve all those fears.  When I have spare time I enjoy watching the Vikings or any Minnesota sports team.  My family probably thinks I’m a tad unstable when it comes this.  I also enjoy spending time with my little rug rats helping them build their new play-set, building a tree fort, watching movies and playing together.

Rick Braun

Clear Point Construction handle our roofing needs fabulously. We have a 110 year old home that has 3 full floors. The roof is an 11/12 pitch with all sorts of gables. The temp was mid to high 80's with high humidity. Their crew worked tirelessly, tearing off, sheeting and shingling. They found our home with shingles missing from a previous storm and they helped with the insurance claim. Handled all the meetings with the insurance adjuster. We stood in awe. Great guys, great company.


John Smolnik

Title: Restoration Consultant

Steve Armour

I usually don’t write reviews but the experience with Clear Point Construction and John Smolnik was outstanding. They inspected my home & outbuilding roofs for storm damage, documented it, assisted in filing an insurance claim and were present when inspected by the insurance adjuster. The process was very simple and their advocacy for the home owner was paramount. The whole process of identifying damage, filing a claim and completion of replacing my roofing took only an amazing 2 weeks. The roofing crew was excellent as well, from start to finish it took them 2 days to complete. They removed all shingles, re sheeted and installed new shingles on 3 structures, were organized and kept work site clean. If you question storm damage or just need to replace your roof, I recommend John & Clear Point Construction.

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Mitch Nielsen

Great experience from start to finish with John at Clear Point Construction. He was able to walk through the process for insurance claim quickly. Without his help in that process the replacement would have not been approved. Clean, fast , respectful crew made it happen. 50 squares 1.5 days in and out. Great looking GAF roof on the house with no warranty worries.
Nice job John!

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